Nekro Drunkz - Terminal Perversion CD (euro version)

Euro CD version of new album of Nekro Drunkz (grindcore/death metal, USA)

Poster with art of USA's CD version included



1. Septic Shower

2. Nekrogenous

3. The Acidic Offal Overflow

4. Into Eternal Queef

5. Human Mine Field of Fornication (Stepping Through An Orgy)

6. Death Strike From Septic Hell

7. Kukkspawn

8. Terminal Perversion

9. Peepshow Massacre

10. Ejaculating Maggots

11. Extreme Excretions

12. Freaky Fukk Fiesta

13. Impending Gynocological Conquest

14. Fecal Upheaval (Of Satanic Might)

15. Radically Inseminated With Coagulated Cum 

Nekro Drunkz - Terminal Perversion CD (euro version)


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