Corpse - Remembrance of Cold Embodiments / Necroculinary Comp CD

Death metal band from Russia

Moscow' based CORPSE was a sick-death metal band possessed by British Carcass’s style music, and besides NecroK.I.L.L.Dozer were pioneers of Grindcore in Russia.

Band was active in 1991-1994 and released two demos: “Continuous Qualmishness” (March, 1992) and “Melodies Of Necropsy” (July, 1992). In 1993 musicians signed the contract with Russian label FINAL HOLOCAUST, where was issued debut mini-album “Remembrance Of Cold Embodiments” as 7”EP (October, 1993). By the way, that CORPSE EP together with NecroK.I.L.L.Dozer' "Misunderstood" EP was the only one extreme-music releases on format 7" vinyl EP, which was issued in Russia


Remembrance of Cold Embodiments 
1. Melodies of Necropsy 
2. Necroculinary 
3. A Stewed Carcasses Skinning 
4. Remembrance of Cold Embodiments 
1. Continuous Qualmishness 
2. Incarnated Carnage (A Corporal Liquefaction) 
3. Necroculinary 
4. A Stewed Carcasses Skining 
Unknow Demo 1992 
1. Intro 
2. A Stewed Carcasses Skinning 
3. Incarnated Carnage (A Corporal Liquefaction) 
4. Outro 

Corpse - Remembrance of Cold Embodiments / Necroculinary Comp CD


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